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About us

About us

Orabel is an online store that offers makeup and skin care products. On Orabel, you will find products that have been selected with care and passion.

Months of research and discussion have allowed us to offer products of a quality equal to those of the more expensive brands, but with a more suitable price point making it possible for you to indulge yourself!

You will find a variety of cosmetics, ranging from more conventional to all natural! The team of Orabel will always strive to offer more products to satisfy your desires.

Our story

Hi! I'm Myriam, Orabel's founder.

The Orabel adventure began in December 2014, six months before my wedding. As a beginner to the world of makeup, I was worried and nervous about the look I would adopt for my Big day. I started looking at beauty YouTube videos and blogs, and shortly after, I was hooked!!! That’s when I started experimenting with makeup and taking care of my skin on a regular basis.

It changed my life. It enabled me to feel better about myself and be more confident.

As a student with limited resources, I was looking for good quality and affordable products. I noticed that in Canada, we have very few product choices. I promised myself that after my wedding, I would dedicate my time to a project that brings unprecedented choice of quality beauty products at an affordable price point.

I discussed this idea with my fiancé, who happens to be an internet technology and e-commerce expert, and he agreed to also become my business partner.