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Morphe - 18 Professional Brush Set - Set 684

$52.99 $59.99


The Morphe Brushes Set 684 has a mix of synthetic and natural bristles brushes to help every makeup artist in you creates beautiful makeup looks!

- Pointed Liner Brush; Bristles: synthetic
- Brow/Lash Groomer Brush; Bristles: synthetic
- Angle Liner Brush; Bristles: synthetic
- Lip Brush; Bristles: synthetic
Spoolie Brush; Bristles: synthetic
Smudger Brush; Bristles: sable
Small Fan Brush; Bristles: goat
Pencil Brush; Bristle: goat 
Oval Shadow Brush; Bristle: sable
Concealer Brush; Bristle: synthetic
Small Blending Fluff Brush; Bristle: goat
Deluxe Blending Fluff Brush;  Bristle: goat
Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush; Bristle: sable 
Foundation Brush; Bristle: synthetic 
Duo Foundation Brush; Bristle: sable/syn
Angle Blush Brush; Bristle: goat 
Deluxe Powder Brush; Bristle: goat 
Powder Dome Brush; Bristle: sable 

    Case included.

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