Orabel’s Warranty

$4.99 CAD

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At Orabel, we are very committed. We feel strongly and take your satisfaction to heart. If you are not sure about a product shade or you are afraid you will not like it, here is a solution for you:

Add Orabel’s Warranty for only $4,99 and enjoy the peace of mind!

  • Why?
    • If you choose the wrong shade or you are not satisfied with the product. Get Refunded!
    • How?
      • Add one Warranty to your cart will protect any of the items you bought within the same cart
      • Add 2 Warranties to your cart will protect 2 of your items in the same cart
      • Add 3 Warranties will protect 3 of your items...
      • ...
      • Add 10 Warranties will protect 10 of your items...
      • 1 Warranty = 1 Item
    • When?
      • You have 15 days after the delivery date
    • Advantage?
      • 100% of the product price you paid is refunded
      • 50% of the return shipping cost is refunded