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Brush Sets

Shop Brush Sets that satisfy both makeup professionals and apprentices. From contouring to blending brushes, you will find everything you need for applying a full face of makeup.
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  1. Morphe - 9 Piece Deluxe Vegan Set - Set 502

    A Vegan Set of 9 Makeup Brushes with a 100% Synthetic Bristles!

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  2. Morphe - 12 Piece Eye Credible Set - Set 702

    This brush set contains 12 pieces which will help achieve a complete eye look.

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  3. Morphe - Sculpt And Define Set - Set 504

    This set is perfect for beginners and Makeup artist. It offers a complete range of Eye and Face Brushes. It's made of super soft Synthetic bristles and includes a case.

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  4. Morphe - 7 Piece Rosé Set - Set 701

    A Travel Friendly 7 Piece Brush Set, perfect for beginners or MUA. From Foundation Brush to Blending eye Brush to achieve a full face of makeup.

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  5. Morphe - 18 Piece Sable Brush Set - Set 681

    This 18 piece brush set has a combination of natural brushes for powders and synthetic brushes for your creams and liquids. 

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  6. Morphe - 11 Piece Pro Sable Set - Set 682

    A mix of Goat, Sable and Synthetic Brushes to help achieve a flawless full face of makeup.

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  7. Morphe - 18 Professional Brush Set - Set 684

    1.Pointed Liner                       Bristles Type: Synthetic
    2.Brow/Lash Groomer             Bristle Type: Synthetic
    3.Angle Liner                          Bristle Type: Synthetic
    4.Lip                                       Bristle Type: Synthetic
    5.Spoolie                                 Bristle Type: Synthetic
    6.Smudger                              Bristle Type: Sable 
    7.Small Fan                             Bristle Type: Goat 

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  8. Morphe - 18 Piece Vegan Brush Set - Set 686

    A 18 Piece Vegan with a 100% Synthetic Bristles to help apply your makeup like a pro!

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  9. Morphe - 15 Piece Deluxe Badger Set -Set 687

    1-Flat Bronzer Brush

    2-Powder Dome Brush

    3-Angle Contour Brush

    4-Eyeshadow Brush

    5-Deluxe Fan Brush

    6-Eyeshadow Fan Brush

    7-Chisel Fluff Brush

    8-Blending Fluff

    9-Concealer Brush

    10-Round Crease Brush

    11-Angled Shader Brush

    12-Lip Brush

    13-Angle Liner Brush

    14-Round Smudger Brush

    15-Mascara Spoolie

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  10. Real Techniques - Travel Essentials

    This set is every thing you need to take with you when travelling.

    It contains 3 full size brushes:

    Essential Foundation Brush: Build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer.

    Multi Task Brush: for effortless application of powder, blush, and bronzer.

    Domed Shadow Brush: tapered design smoothly shades and defines eyes.

    Panoramic Brush Case is a 2-in-1 case + stand.

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  11. Sedona Lace - Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set

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    The Midnight Lace Set features superiorly developed, synthetic brushes for advanced makeup application. The amazingly soft, synthetic bristles allow for less shedding and less wasted product. The bristles will absorb just the right amount of makeup on the surface of the brush for you to achieve an airbrushed finish to your makeup application.

    This set includes: Round Top Powder Brush, Flat Top Powder Brush, Angle Top Powder Brush, Kabuki Brush - Midnight Lace with black handle.

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  12. Real Techniques - Duo Fiber Collection

    Duo-fiber bristles are designed to pick up and release lighter amounts of makeup for buildable, mistake-proof application.

    Duo-Fiber Face Brush: for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments.

    Duo-Fiber Eye Brush: add finishing touches to the eyes.

    Duo-Fiber Contour Brush: for controlled contouring and sculpting.

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  13. Real Techniques - Brow Set

    5 steps you need to have perfect brows.

    Angled Tweezer: stainless steel with a flat edges for expert brow shaping

    Detailing Tweezer: stainless steel with a pointed tip to clean up fine hairs

    Slanted Brow Spoolie: perfectly sized for brow grooming and blending

    Slanted Arch Definer: unique design allows you to plot your perfect brow shape or smudge your brow product for a natural finish (visit our YouTube for a quick how to)

    Slanted Brow Brush: applies and blends color smoothly

    Panoramic Case: to keep brushes organized on your counter or on the go. Stand case and insert wet brushes upside down to dry

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