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The Best Highlighting Brushes!

by Myriam Zmantar on Nov 20, 2017

The Best Highlighting Brushes!

A glowy skin is definitely a must have for 2017. Whether you like a strong or subtle highlight, it’s beyond any doubt the trend to adopt.

Today, we will walk you through different highlighting brushes. We will give you a quick description of the brushes to help find your match!

We will start by the Morphe Brushes M510 Pro Round Blender: It’s a small slightly rounded brush. Use it for a precise highlight application. It’s a natural white goat hair brush so it will pack on a lot of products! Use it with a light hand for a subtle effect.

The Morphe Brushes M509 Deluxe Pointed Blender:  It’s a round yet slightly pointed brush. It will diffuse the product in a large area and build up the intensity to your liking. Use the tip for a precise application. It’s a natural white goat hair brush. So it will pick up quiet of product.

Move on to the Morphe Brushes M436 Mini Duo Blender: It’s a mini duo fiber brush. This brush is really a multi-tasker brush. It can be used for powder, it’s amazing for cream products. It can also be used for highlighter application and is the perfect match for those who like a really subtle diffused glow.

Morphe Brushes M438 Pointed Contour: This is a synthetic bristles brush. It’s pointy so you can use it for a precise application or sweep it aside for a more diffused application. If you are new to makeup a synthetic bristles brush is a good choice because it will pick up the product a little at a time.

Morphe Brushes M501 Pro Pointed Blender: This is a small pointed brush, perfect for a strong highlight.

The Morphe Brushes Y14 Pro Detail Highlight: This a small precision highlighting brush. Synthetic bristles.

The Morphe Brushes Y13 Pro Highlight Fan: This is the ultimate highlighting brush. Perfect for really precise application but it can also sweep products on larger areas!

The Morphe Brushes Y11 Deluxe Pointed Contour: A multi-tasker brush which can be used for highlighter with the pointed tip and contour on its side.

There is definitely no rules for brushes, you can use them as you want. All these brushes can also be used for contouring your nose and your cheekbones.