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Top 10 - The best highlighter brushes - Updated

by orabelca Admin on Jan 10, 2019

Top 10 - The best highlighter brushes - Updated

Glowy skin is still on trend in 2019. Makeup Artists, Beauty Bloggers, and Magazines are focusing more and more on how to get a perfect glowing and dewy complexion.

A must-have product you will need to achieve this look is a highlighter.

The tool you’re using has a lot to do with the result you will get.

Here are, in our opinion, the Best Highlighter Brushes to use depending on the results you want to get:

1- Pointed, tapered makeup brushes are very popular. The application you will get with them is precise and diffused at the same time. The Sigma Brushes F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter & F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush; Morphe M438 Pointed Contour & M509 Deluxe Pointed Blender are great examples.

2- Fan brushes are another must have. The application is slightly different. You will get a higher impact with a more precise application. If you like a blinding highlight, these brushes are for you: The Wet n Wild Fan Brush, Sigma Beauty F42 Strobing Fan Brush, Morphe Y13 Pro Highlight Brush, & M601 Soft Fan Brush.

3- And last, a fantastic way to incorporate a glow to your look is to use a blush topper kind of product. The brushes to use in that case will be the Sigma Brushes F10 Blush/Powder brush and the Wet n Wild Blush Brush. The Makeup revolution renaissance Illuminate in radiant rose, the Blushing Heart Blush in peachy keen & the Golden Sugar 2 are great blush toppers. Perfect to look radiant at all times!