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The best Sigma Face Brushes: Foundation, Concealer & Powder

by Myriam Zmantar on Jan 04, 2019

The best Sigma Face Brushes: Foundation, Concealer & Powder

Hi everybody,

I’m Myriam, the Co-Founder of Orabel. I’m back with a quick blog post on my favourite Sigma Face Brushes.

I was never a sponge kind of girl. Whether for foundation or concealer, a brush is my tool of choice. Since receiving Sigma Beauty, I have left all my brushes behind for a few Sigma Brushes.

Let’s jump to my favourites brushes and recommendations:

All the brushes that I’m going to talk about are multitasking brushes. They can achieve different purposes. The key is to experiment and see what works for you! :)

I have my preferences regarding the use of each brush!

Let’s start:

-Round Kabuki Brushes are my all time favourites. They offer the best full and flawless coverage in my opinion. The Sigma Beauty F82 Round Kabuki is the best! It’s ideal for liquid and powder foundations.

-The F80 Air Flat kabuki is my second favourite. It’s a very interesting brush. It has a duo-fibre bristle. It’s incredible for those who like a light to medium coverage. The past summer, I used this brush with my Cover Girl Matte BB Cream non-stop. I think it helps light coverage foundations to achieve medium coverage. I love it.

-The Sigma Beauty F80 Flat kabuki is a must have and an award-winning foundation brush. It’s perfect for all types of foundations, powder, liquid, cream. The application is quick and full coverage!

-The Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush has an unusual shape. It’s a brush with double flat sides. It’s perfect for concealer. I love the coverage you can get out of your concealer using this brush. Seriously, you have to try it.


I hope you enjoyed it!